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The American Home Elevator Company offers installation & service
of quality lift products in
Cleveland, Ohio.

Cleveland Office 1-800-882-1987

From a cost estimate to the final punch list American Home Elevator is your complete commercial lift service and installation company. 

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Residential / Commercial / Industrial Lifts and Elevators

Services we offer in Cleveland, Ohio

Residential/Commercial Passenger Elevators
Residential elevators are smaller, more compact units that give you the convenient and elegant access between all levels of your new or existing home or condominium.
Vertical Platform Lifts (Porch Lifts)
The vertical platform lift is designed for indoor or outdoor use to transport individuals in or out of a wheelchair.
Inclined Platform Lifts
The inclined platform lift is designed to ascend or descend a staircase with a platform for wheelchair access.
Stair Lifts
The stair lift is designed to transport individuals up stairway to fit all kinds of stairs from straight stairs, to stairs with a platform, and even spiral staircases.
LULA Elevators
LULA (Limited Use / Limited Application) Elevators are designed to meet the needs of public buildings to bridge the gap between vertical platform lifts and commercial freight or passenger elevators.
Dumbwaiters / Homewaiters
Dumbwaiters and homewaiters are designed for commercial or residential use to transport products to all levels of a home or business.
Material Lifts
Material lifts are a cost effective solution to provide safe and easy movement of material from one level to another. The equipment requires minimal space with no expensive supplementary construction.

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About The American Home Elevator Company

The American Home Elevator Company began in the early 1970s by John H Anderson, in response to the inquiries of the disabled community who were seeking easy, economical solutions to overcoming the barriers that steps present to disabled people.

At the American Home Elevator Company, we pride ourselves on providing safe, economical stair lifts, residential elevators and other lift products that make life easier for the disabled community. We know how important accessibility is to everyone and we work hard to present the best and most practical solutions to our clients.

The experienced professionals at the American Home Elevator Company offer sales, installation, service and inspection. We believe that accessibility is something everyone should enjoy—regardless of age or challenge. That’s why we offer only the highest quality lift products on the market today. We also work closely with our clients to make sure we can provide you with the lift product that will best meet your needs and unique situation.

Could you live in your house well into your golden years? At the American Home Elevator Company, we can help you live in your home safely, independently, and comfortably regardless of your age or ability level. If you are like the majority of Americans, you want to continue living in a familiar environment throughout your maturing years. So why not start NOW! Make your house a home for a lifetime with the help of the professionals from American Home Elevator.

American Home Elevator’s handicap lifts can be found in homes, schools, private clubs, and places of worship, providing freedom of access to our elderly customers and disabled citizens. Our motto is our work. We believe in providing each and every one of our customers with an access to freedom.

Personal honesty and integrity are the foundation of our success. As the personal face of American Home Elevator to our customers and in our communities, our employees accept responsibility for demonstrating true commitment to the highest ethical standards. We build loyal, long-term relationships with our customers by treating them fairly, meeting their needs, and earning their trust. These relationships, sustained by personal honesty and integrity, are the foundation of our success.

We value the many differences that make each of us unique and know that these differences help to advance our success. Simply put, we want to nurture a business environment that is responsive to all. This is an integral part of who we are as a company and as individuals.

For more information on the stair lifts, residential elevators or our other lift products sold at the American Home Elevator Company, give us a call today toll free at the Cleveland Office 1-800-882-1987, or email us at




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